Achieve maximum value

with a transparent and up to date market overview!

If you're aiming to sell a house or apartment, then you have come to the right place. The reasons to work with Golden Home are numerous, starting with the valuation.

Needless to say, your wishes and ideas will always be taken into account, however, by also analysing the property market with our exclusive meta- scanning tool, we can easily determine the maximum achievable price. You may be surprised but the achievable price is often much higher than what sellers originally imagine it to be.

Potential buyers

Exclusive with Golden Home

We have many exclusive orders from potential buyers. Not only do they look for properties on the free market, but also place their trust in our hands, meaning they leave the search for suitable properties entirely up to us.

Our success proves us right, as we have been growing continuously for the past years. Our areas of success particularly include London, Berlin, and Vienna.

Keen prospective buyers

In love with your property

Our recipe for success is based on a clear and proven concept. Hence, the first, yet the most important step, is the establishment of a personal and trusting atmosphere.

Once this stage has been reached, we develop an informative exposé which includes 3D floor plans, digital visualizations and high-definition photos.

Emotions play a major role in our daily lives and especially, in real estate brokerage. At the end of the day, all we wish for our potential buyers is to ‚fall in love‘ with the property they are buying and finally feel ‚at home‘.

Secure guidance all the way to the notary,

Transparent and focused

In many cases we find there are already interested parties found in our database who are perfectly suited to buy your property. Nonetheless, we further attract plenty of other interested parties by advertising the listing in all relevant media.

Most importantly we accompany you all the way to the notary, so that even our very last step takes place together and in secure fashion. Throughout each of our steps, we work transparently and actively provide you with all necessary information regarding the current state of affairs at any time.

Last but not least, our agents are continuously supported by our competent sales team. It is extremely important to us that our agents focus exclusively on what is important to you: selling your property in the fastest possible time, achieving maximum value.