Digital visualization

The modern alternative to classical photography

Each property is breathtakingly staged by using digital furniture, light concepts and decoration.

Truly realistic and so emotional that your prospective buyers will even desire to ‚buy‘ the virtual pieces of furniture.

3D rendering

Visualisations that will amaze prospective buyers

A property which is still under construction, in need of renovation or not ideally furnished can be conveyed digitally to what and how it could look like.

This gives prospective buyers a sense of assurance and reduces your time of closing the deal at the same time.

Virtual tours

Property viewing at any time, from anywhere

Photos and floor plans alone can often not convey enough of a realistic impression.

Hence, we offer virtual tours which can be easily experienced right from the comfort of your couch while providing an accurate picture of the property layout and atmosphere.


Drone view

Experience the home of your dreams from an entirely new view.

By doing so, a maximum overview of the property can be experienced and thus conveying a comprehensive impression of its entire surroundings.

This unusual perspective is fascinating and may increase the number of potential buyers.


3D floor plans

Discreet marketing with maximum overview

Present real estate ‚anonymously‘ in an impressive and realistic manner - so that prospective buyers know exactly what to expect, and without your neighbour noticing.