Finding the absolute best property for you!

We use digital tools and highly skilled estate agents to ensure that every buyer will be matched with the ideal property.




The right goal

We rely on a balanced mix of state of the art technology, the latest know how followed by highly intense personal support.

Our ultimate goal is to become the technological leader in digital real estate brokerage.

As a company which is already operating around the globe, our goal is to expand even further into other European countries

A new stage in life

Take advantage of our expertise

When it comes to real estate brokerage, we are aware of its unique character. A new phase of life is about to start for all parties involved which often comes along with the most enormous financial transaction yet made - for both, seller and buyer.

We accompany you from the very first step of consideration of buying or selling until the very last one, the notary.

Some things we do better

A lot of it digitally

Since 2014, we have been supporting salespeople in this exciting stage in Vienna and London among other places.

Since 2020, we have broadened our network to Berlin as well.

In addition to the high level of social competence of our agents, we inspire and fascinate by making use of state-of-the-art technology and the latest know how.

The entire market at a glance

Always up to date!

The starting point of all our considerations are the potential property buyers and their way of acting and approaching certain things. Often, potential buyers tend to hesitate because they worry there could be an even better, cheaper, or more suitable offer to be found on the market.

Finding the property of your dreams is our ultimate goal and top priority - no one is interested in only finding the second best choice. Thus, it is our job and our aim to map the market entirely by making use of our clever meta-scanning program.

Being certain

About your choice

It goes without saying that we believe in only the highest educational standards and a profound knowledge of the market for our agents. Only those who are confident and passionate about their profession can share this with others.

Intense interpersonal relationships between seller, and buyer are and always will be the fundament of a successful real estate transaction at Golden Home.

Expertise and modern technologies can only be seen as ‚ad-ons‘; after all, it is all about your biggest dream and the one of the greatest value: your very own property